Creativity: Tips for Boosting an Essential Job Skill

The small cues: Creativity

One of the most in-demand skills in today’s labor market, creativity is becoming more and more important to the success of individuals and organizations. Although some people

are more creative than others, there are many contributing factors and relatively easy strategies that can increase creativity. Due to the corona virus pandemic and its lasting

Creativity Whatever works by professor Thalma Lobel the small cues- productivity psychology book

effect, the job market will become increasingly competitive and tough. Regardless of profession or level of experience, anyone can benefit from a number of tools and tricks to

enhance individual creativity.

The organizational atmosphere can definitely influence creativity. A climate of innovation, the knowledge that creativity is valued, rewarded, and reinforced, and not working under the stress of feeling constantly evaluated and controlled are all factors that enhance creativity.

In contrast, in an atmosphere of deadlines and fear of negative outcomes, people are less creative and take fewer risks.As individuals, we can take things into our own hands when it comes to boosting our creativity, by adding personal touches and certain elements to our workspace and by employing specific, proven techniques... read more

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