Virtual interviews: 6 ways to succeed

The Small Cues: Virtual interviews

Virtual interviews- Whatever works by Thalma lobel professor of psychology and an author

Have a virtual job interview coming up? Use these tips to present your best self on the video conference – minding factors including lighting and posture - and land that role.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more companies are using teleconferencing tools like Zoom to not only hold meetings, but also interview and negotiate with job candidates.

But online interviews are inherently different from face-to-face interviews; even when you are at home, environmental and nonverbal cues can influence the way you are perceived and judged. Your body language, screen backgrounds, and other factors influence your interactions and others’ impressions in ways you might not realize.

6 tips for virtual job interviews

Here are seven tips to help ensure that you are presenting your best virtual self.

1. Do a background check

Start with your screen background – the part of the room that others see behind you. First, make sure it is clean and tidy. It may be amusing to watch people shove clutter to the corner just before a video meeting starts, but if you want to make a good impression, don’t be that person. Not only will it make you seem sloppy, but people sometimes subconsciously associate physical cleanliness with honesty and other positive traits.

The cleaner and tidier you and your surroundings look, the more likely you are to be perceived as an honest, upstanding person. Check your background and decide if you want a bookcase, certain photos, or other personal items to be in view. If you’re sitting in a common area such as a living room or kitchen, try pointing the camera at a blank wall, and perhaps hang a picture or place an item you want to be seen behind you... read more